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since our founding in 1994. Words That Work is a company of professional, experienced technical writers with unparalleled experience, maturity, and depth. Whatever your user or technical documentation needs, whether produced for a single project or maintained during ongoing release cycles, Words That Work is ready and willing to exceed your expectations.

Located in Markham, Ontario, we solve challenges in producing online help for desktop and mobile devices, user guides and manuals in print/PDF format, instructional software videos, technical documentation, training materials, proposals and factual marketing materials, and more. Whether you need new documentation developed, existing content maintained, or consultation services to help you decide how to solve your technical writing challenges, we provide a flexible, cost-effective approach.

Do you have any of these challenges?

Do you avoid producing user documentation because nobody wants to do it, or because other work takes a higher priority?
Do you struggle to keep your user and technical documentation in sync with development?
Do you wonder if there are more efficient ways to handle multi-lingual content, keeping the translated content in sync with the original?
Do you waste time developing and maintaining duplicate content you use for different documents, audiences, or purposes?
Do you face the challenge of explaining a product to people other than its users? (Such as new employees, resellers, regulators, or other stakeholders.)
Do you find your support staff spend too much time answering routine questions because your user-facing content cannot?