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About Us

Works That Work, located in Markham, Ontario, focuses on small to medium-sized software development companies without dedicated technical writing resources, although we have also worked for companies who do not develop software, including companies who need customized documentation to support their use of software they have acquired. Our clients are drawn from the GTA and beyond, including the U.S.

Typically our clients develop specialized software for a target industry, although we have also documented products that are commercially available. We do not specialize in any particular industry - our technical writers have provided services to companies developing software for sectors such as manufacturing, health care, insurance and banking, content and learning management, media distribution, and data security, to name just a few. We are almost always required to represent the information needs of people who possess domain knowledge that we do not: our ability to do this well is attested to by the scope of the work we have done, and continue to do.

Words That Work is a partnership of Mark Bernick (who manages the overall operation of the company, leads the sales activities, and handles finances) and Laurie Pearce (who manages company communications, provides client services, and manages writing assignments). We are not a headhunting organization, we're a service provider. We don't take on time-specific contract work, or simply place a writer in an organization to provide services under that organization's supervision. Instead, we maintain a continually expanding client base, primarily in the GTA but also outside Ontario and in the U.S. Our writers, who have accumulated over 60 years of technical writing experience, are employees, fully dedicated to servicing Words That Work's clients.

We are tool-agnostic, developing materials in a variety of tools based on client need (both the type of output they need and their requirement for maintaining the documentation in-house). Source materials for all projects are delivered to clients (that is, they own what they have paid us to produce) although we maintain archived copies for use in future projects, if that becomes necessary