What kinds of companies do you work with?
Typically, our clients are software development companies that develop software for specific markets, although we have also provided services to consumers of software products, custom developers, and those outside the technology world. We do not specialize in a specific industry, having undertaken projects for industries as diverse as medicine, media distribution, real estate, and scrap metal.

How much will it cost to have you do my documentation?
Each project is quoted individually, typically with a low and high cost range. Preparing a quote takes some time, but you are not charged for that effort. In virtually all cases, you will know before a project begins how much it will cost --  you are only charged for the time it actually takes, up to the maximum quoted; if we exceed the time quoted, that’s our problem. A hidden cost saving in working with us, compared to a contract technical writer, is that if there are lulls in development that mean the documentation work stalls, you’re not paying for a writer to sit around waiting for the work to pick up again. You also avoid the issue of not knowing whether that one-month project you hired a contractor for is, in fact, a month’s worth of work.

Some clients budget a defined number of hours per month, or quarter, that we work, as needed: this is an alternative that some of our long-term clients have chosen, since they trust us to make the best use of that time.

How much time will my experts need to spend explaining things to a technical writer?
In our experience, it takes much less time than you might think for our technical writers to become knowledgeable about your product. Although we do not have extensive computer sciences training or education, we rely on our many years of experience and an innate ability to find connections and make sense of complex topics. We have developed strategies for information gathering that minimize disruption and maximize productivity, drawing on all possible sources of information. However, we need access to the appropriate subject matter experts and our content must be reviewed for technical accuracy. Numerous reference sites would be happy to explain to you how our technical writers worked with their subject matter experts: we can provide references once we understand your needs.

Where do you work?
Most projects are done at our own offices, but we also work on site where necessary or desirable.