Maintaining Documentation

For many clients, our technical writing team acts as a virtual documentation department, keeping documentation synchronized with changes in development. This effort works best if our clients have documentation designed for maintenance, so we are typically maintaining documentation we created ourselves, or documentation we re-designed to make it easier to maintain. 

Our technical writers gather information on changes in a variety of ways, depending on a client’s needs and methodologies:

  • participate in sprint reviews or other development meetings
  • receive release notes produced by clients
  • work with the software to discover changes
  • receive emailed reports on documentation issues from support staff, distributors, and/or end users
  • monitor bug or development tracking software

Some clients with rapid and regular release cycles have engaged us on a retainer basis, committing to a monthly budget to allow us to deal with whatever changes are required.

We’d be happy to discuss your needs in more detail, with no cost or obligation.