Creating User Documentation

Our team of technical writers has created user documentation for a wide range of specialized users in a multitude of industries. Early in our engagement process (and before you incur any costs), we spend time understanding:

  • your target audience
  • your business requirements (for example, whether customers configure their own systems or if that is done by your professional services team)
  • your business relationships (OEMs, rebranding arrangements, distributors, etc.)
  • your licensing models (tiered offerings, SaaS, etc.)
  • your development/maintenance cycle (Agile development, quarterly releases, etc.)
  • other details that may affect how your documentation should be designed, developed, and maintained.

We discuss with you a wide range of available options, some of which may be new to you. Our responsibilities for user documentation include all stages of development, from audience analysis and information gathering to design and production of attractive and usable output (print, online, or both). We ensure consistency in our work (particularly important for long-term relationships) by developing and maintaining a variety of internal documents, including style guides and quality assurance checklists. 

We focus on producing user-oriented documentation that explains not just procedural steps but overall concepts and data relationships, best practices, and guidelines.

We design your documentation for maintenance, using practices we have honed over many years of long-term relationships with software companies.

In addition to producing written work, we often provide feedback on the usability and consistency of an interface. Although we are not usability experts or software testers, we are often the first outsiders to actually work with a new software product and that, combined with our extensive experience with software of all types, makes our input valuable to clients.

We’d be happy to discuss your needs in more detail, with no cost or obligation.