We always take the time to discuss your goals and assess your needs. We’ll develop a solution just for you, with a time and cost estimate that we commit to.

To get started:

Contact us. We’ll arrange a no-obligation, no-cost phone, in-person, or online meeting to discuss your needs and how our services can help. We’ll show you samples of comparable work. We’ll take the time to understand your target audience(s), your budget and timing limitations, your goals and objectives, your corporate standards (including those for authoring tools) and other details that will help us meet your needs.

Talk to our references. We’ll identify the most applicable clients and provide you with their contact information.

Share with us. To fully understand the scope of the work involved, once we’ve signed whatever NDA you deem necessary, we need access to your software (and/or a demonstration of it), copies of any existing documentation, and other relevant information.

Review our proposal. As quickly as we can, we’ll provide you with a detailed proposal, including roles and responsibilities, topics to be covered, recommended authoring tools, and a time and cost estimate. All proposals contain a list of assumptions: If those assumptions are not correct, let us know and we’ll revise the proposal.

Work with us. The writer chosen for your project will work as independently as possible but will need access to your subject matter experts (to answer questions and provide information), at least one reviewer of the content, and a main point of contact to whom we will report (with weekly status reports) and who can coordinate internal efforts.

Early in the project, we typically deliver a subsection of the work as a proof of concept for you to review both the visual and information design. When that sample is approved, it forms the basis for the balance of the work.

During the project,  we deliver sections of work at a time to avoid bottlenecks where we cannot proceed because content is stalled in review. Weekly status reports keep you apprised of our progress.

When the project is complete, all source materials are delivered to you (for example, if the output is a PDF, you also receive the source Word file). We can even train an internal staff person on how to maintain the content.

Keep us in mind. When a project is completed to your satisfaction, we trust you’ll want to work with us again, either to maintain the documentation we just produced or for other tasks. We know you’ll be pleased with the work, and we hope you’ll agree to be a reference as well.