Need to put together a proposal or create detailed policies & procedures for your team? We can help. Other services we provide include:

Knowledge Bases and Wikis

We can help create or redesign your company’s internal wiki or customer-facing knowledge base. Many companies don’t have a dedicated resource to manage these types of sites; as a result, the content can get messy quickly with duplicate, outdated or conflicting information. We can help bring structure and direction to your site as we help clean-up the content.

Policies & Procedures

We write procedural and operational materials in a variety of environments, ranging from the rigorous requirements of an engineering design company to the more open-ended guidelines for sales and administrative staff in a business environment. Our role is to gather information, ensure consistency, and identify gaps and linkages. We often design the appearance of these materials as well.

Proposal and RFP Responses

We help companies develop effective proposals, especially when responding to time-sensitive RFPs. We assist by ensuring the proposal addresses all of the RFP requirements, editing content from multiple authors to ensure consistency and improve readability, and gathering information directly from subject matter experts in order to draft sections of the response.

Editing and Other Writing Services

In addition to authoring user and technical documentation, our other writing services include:

  • editing technical documentation
  • editing website or other marketing content
  • creating or editing release notes
  • writing case studies
  • creating or editing white papers
  • designing quick reference cards