Our experience in adult education, coupled with our software knowledge, has enabled us to develop end-user training for a variety of software companies.

We’ve produced:

  • materials for use in the classroom, with instructor-led training environments
  • self-paced training materials in print and online form
  • software demonstration/training videos
  • detailed storyboards for training videos
  • outlines for training courses including timing, learning objectives, and activity suggestions

We’ve produced e-learning storyboards, including those with strict page/word/character count. We produced numerous storyboards for one client that offered an e-learning curriculum for sales representatives working in retail environments. This required adhering to strict limits on word count and adhering to the wording and stylistic conventions of a particular retail environment. Storyboards contained instructional content, interactive exercises, quizzes, and exam questions.

For instructor-led training, we’ve developed classroom materials for both trainers and participants. For one client, this required adhering to competency-based assessments, developing structure for multi-day training engagements, and developing assessment methods (including both quiz questions and hands-on demonstration of skills). We’ve also developed and delivered instructor-led training. For clients with an informal approach to training, we’ve provided curriculum outlines, including learning objectives, timing and audience considerations. For self-paced learning, we’ve produced training videos using commercial tools.